Project Description

Cape Clear Island

The Cape Clear Watermain Rehabilitation Project involved the replacement of the island’s entire watermain distribution network and included temporary and permanent reinstatement of the roads across the island.

The Project was undertaken to ensure the long-term sustainable provision of drinking water for residents and visitors on Cape Clear. In addition, it focused on saving millions of litres of water that were being lost to leakage each year.

ShareRidge Limited acted as PSCS and Main Contractor for the works. The Project was undertaken on behalf of Irish Water, in conjunction with Cork County Council.

The Project involved:

  • Construction of 10,305 metres of polyethylene watermains using open trench techniques:
    • 63mm OD PE100 SDR17 5,366m
    • 90mm OD PE100 SDR17 1,339m
    • 180mm OD PE100 SDR17 3,024m
    • 225mm OD PE100 SDR17 576m
  • Installation of 67 Sluice Valves, 86 Air Valves, 44 Hydrants, 6 Pressure Reducing Valves and 5 Electromagnetic Flow Meters.
  • Connection of watermains at existing reservoir location.
  • Laying of 25mm (973m total) nominal outside diameter PE 100 polyethylene pipe for service connections.
  • 143 Consumer Connections including installation of new boundary boxes.
  • Decommissioning of existing watermains (once all consumer services had been transferred to new watermains), existing fittings and associated chambers.
  • Location of existing tie-in points in order to make existing watermain redundant.
  • Temporary and Permanent Road Reinstatement, with full Traffic Management.
  • All ancillary works.

Located 12.8km off the coast of West Cork, Cape Clear is only accessible by boat. All plant and materials had to be transported to the island by sea. Unpredictable weather and sea conditions meant the scheduling and co-ordination of crossings was hugely challenging.

Project Details

Irish Water / Cork County Council

Cape Clear Island

Start Date
March 2017

July 2019

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